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x posted to nerd_haven [Mar. 19th, 2004|03:09 pm]
Game Slave
i just posted this up on computing.net but i thought someone here might have a solution.

I have two video cards in my PC. One is an Nvidia GeForce3, 32MB & is on-board. The other is an Nvidia GeForce4 FX 64MB...obviously I'd rather use the 64MB, but I can't get it to work. Plug n play worked fine and I've installed Nvidia's universal drivers, and I've made sure I have the right video card selected in the display options but still no luck. Any ideas?

i bet it's something incredibly simple and i'm going to have to slap myself but right now i'm too frustrated to come up with anything, so any help is appreciated. :)

this comes about as a result of getting Battlefield Vietnam today (i played it on another pc for a bit and i'm very impressed so far) and having it not work on my pc because of my video card. :(

okay, i its working now - i disabled the on-board. now i'm getting an error saying 'windows could not start because the following file is missing or corrupt: windows root>\system\hal.dll. please reinstall a copy of the above file.' arrrrghhh!!

whelp, now i've gotten rid of that error message. windows starts up and begins to load the desktop, then it looks like its trying to give me the blue screen of death before restarting and has basically been doing this over and over. i really really don't want to have to reinstall...
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(no subject) [Mar. 18th, 2004|02:56 pm]
Game Slave


wowupdate - new community about world of warcraft is getting organized by one participant of beta test. Join and let's make it happen.

Soon to be: updates/news, screens, discussions, etc. ...

ps: sorry if I disturbed you, I was just intending to inform you of one of your community interest

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Evil Empire [Mar. 15th, 2004|11:49 pm]
Game Slave

this is my partial review of ninja gaiden.

wow. i am 10 levels through, and wow. i am hooked. usually ill spend ten or more hours on a game, get stuck and set it aside for a bit. as some of you may be able to tell, i jump around on games a lot, and i doubt ive even beat 20 percent of the games i own. and thats a high estimate. seriously.
but ninja gaiden has my full attention. and man... it is fucking hard. the variaty in enemies is sheerly amazing, and just when you think you have them figured out, youll get fucked right in the ass by them. they are good. and the bosses are hard too. really hard.. some of them i can skip right through.. but there are some.. omg... ill try to beat them for hours. and ill die.. A LOT. honestly.. i cant even fault the game for being overly difficult, ever time you die, its because YOU did something wrong. you dont have to play this game perfect, you just have to be close to it, cause this game will punish you for fucking up most of the time, sometimes you will get lucky, but not often.
the combo system is sick. especially when you get the nunchucks or the flail, it is really easy to get bloodthirsty and crunch out 50-100 hit combos. and it is soooooo gratifying... so gratifying that if i get hit or have to block at 46 hits, ill curse at the tv and walk away for a min.

and the graphics.... oh fuck me... the graphics are amazing. even after playing it for this many hours i still get a rush looking at the nice scenery... or the enemy soldiers... or the fiends... or anything.. this game is gorgeous... and the cut scene graphics are almost final fantasy calibur.. i would say they are, but it is sacrilige to say someone can do a better job than square can (although they are reaaaaaaal close).

my only complaint is one youve probably heard already. THE FUCKING CAMERA. it will fuck with you at the worst times. but as irritating as it is, i cant stay mad or frustrated with this game, its too good to put down.

i give it ten stars, two thumbs up, and a 5outa5. go buy.
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Games, Games, Games (sing it like motley crue) [Feb. 15th, 2004|01:44 am]
Game Slave

games in going to buy in the next 2 months:
final fantasy:crystal chronicles
ninja gaiden
drakengard (i dont care if it sucks. squenix till the end of time!)
metal arms (xbox)
super punch out
godzilla (oh yeah... the original nintendo one)
star tropics (oh yeah o.g. nes all the way bitch)
super c
metal gear solid: the twin snakes
final fantasy XI w/the hdd
tony hawk underground (xbox)
deus ex: invisible war
games i need to beat in the next 2 months
final fantasy X
legend of dragoon
final fantasy VIII
both grand theft auto's
mech assault
zelda: wind waker
metroid prime
beyond good and evil
zone of the enders :the second runner
halo (legendary... yes it will be difficult... but i must be 1337)

darclight should be going to the e3 expo with me this year... my goal is to get my picture with master chief and the viera from final fantasy XII. be the first kid on my block to play halo 2, the next zelda, fable, and star ocean. try to meet MR. MIYAMOTO. and get totally wasted in l.a. nothing better than bars, video games, and los fucking angelos.
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(no subject) [Feb. 12th, 2004|11:12 am]
Game Slave

So, I'm torn about Final Fantasy Chrystal Chronicles.

On one level, I love it. On the other I'm not too sure.

As of right now, i'm gonna lable it a mixture of Animal Crossing / Zelda / and Final Fantasy

I can't stop playing it, but I'm not sure if i love it. I havn't played the multiplayer yet, so that'll really help me make up my mind
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(no subject) [Jan. 21st, 2004|03:38 pm]
Game Slave

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(no subject) [Dec. 29th, 2003|03:56 am]
Game Slave

my top 10 games of 2003Collapse )
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Top !0 List For The Year Of 2003 [Dec. 24th, 2003|04:14 am]
Game Slave

1. legend of zelda: the wind waker
what can i say about this game? i loved ocarina of time and majora's mask like my children. the gameplay is great, the cel shading is wonderful (fuck you if you disagree) and the camera never sucks, cause at the push of a button you can correct it. nintendo has always known what they were doing with zelda games (with the exception of the adventures of link... i own it... but i hate it) and i have such faith in them at this point, that i doubt they will ever go wrong. zelda 0wnz you f001.

2. final fantasy tactics advance
allow me to play the square fanboy that i am by saying "im a fucking square fanboy, and i love almost every final fantasy/(insert square title here) ive ever played.
but really tactics advance was the biggest reason i even look at a gameboy advance... not tht there arent other awesome games, but tactics is engrossing, and complicated. all i want in a game.

3. Xenosaga: episode 1
you know... this game really frustrated me... never have i died so many times trying to beat an rpg. but the end was relatively satisfying and really made me hunger for the next installment. which is what we all want from an rpg series... a reason to keep looking for the next title. xenosaga episode 2 is one of my most highly anticipated games for next year. the story was deep and involving (i almost cried twice times) and the gameplay (while hard to get a handle on in the beginning) was totally involving... i know i could play that game again, just because by the time i figured out exactly what i was doing i was already half way through. while not up to the graphics par of a final fantasy title... the overall seriousness of the story, and reality of the blood really made this game stand out as a more intelligant game than most out there.

4. need for speed: underground
ill never buy this game..... ever. i fucking hate racing games.. they bore me to fucking tears. but this game really caught my attention... if i EVER buy a racing game... this will be it. it has AMAZING graphics, endless custimization (which any rpg fan loves) and an awesome sense of speed and control. to reiterate... i FUCKING hate racing games... and i hate ea for making me like this one so damn much.

5. soul calibur 2
i really dont feel i need to explain why this game is on here. i do however feel i need to explain why it isnt number one.... because i like rpg's and need for speed was that good.
other than that, soul calibur 2 is one of the greatest games EVER MADE. i hadnt had so much fun playing a fighting game since i learned how to decapitate people in mortal kombat oh so many years ago, and that says a lot cause im pretty jaded.
this game is perfect in every way. if there is one flaw, its that that fag rapheal isin the game.... and that really isnt a flaw... there is always that person you hate in every fighting game... and rapheal is it. so honestly... it has no flaws... even if you hate fighting games, youll love soul calibur 2... this is the king queen prince god of all fighting games... fuck your tekken.... fuck your capcom vs.... fuck your guilty gear and your mortal kombat.... soul calibur 2 owns them all

6. metal arms: glitch in the system
this is one of the most underated games ive ever come across... what the fuck people... this is a great game... it has cursing robots for christsake... it may look kiddy, but this game has got brass balls... it plays great.. the concepts are great and the level design is top-notch. why people dont buy this game is a very big mystery to me. honestly... it would be worht 60 dollars if they asked for it... and i dont say that a lot.

7. disgaea
all you could ever possibly want in a strategy rpg... in a "different than final fantasy tactics" kind of way. wacky sense of humor... lots of charm... great story line.. tsunami bomb... team and combo attacks... this game is amazing on so many levels... i cant even describe them. if you like yourself... get this game.. you will be sucked into a helpless void of cursingat your tv... and laughing at the same time... to quote the prennies "d000000000000000d"

8. star wars: KOTOR
i dont even own an xbox and this game is amazing... it is one of the many reasons i must own one... the fact that you choose your path alone makes this game replayable, dark jedi... light jedi... so enticing to choose both.. a must have... and a great game

9. prince of persia
youd think this game would be higher... hmmm... its that damn rpg thing again... they are my favorite games... so everything else gets pushed down a little bit.. the graphics in this game are amazing.. graphics so good... they suprised me.. the prince moves so fluidly you have to pick your chin off the floor many many times. the matrix cant even pretend to duplicate this guys moves... and the ability to reverse time?! shit man... i jumped into a spike pit (uses magical sands of time) no i didnt! totally brings a new element to gameplay. the ability to not die without using a cheat code!

10. crimson skies
again... i dont own an xbox, but i have spent many hours at work playing this game... i cant help it... i dont even like flight simulators and i love this game... it looks, plays, feels great... i cant think of anything about this game that bothers me... you unlock planes... can blow up just about everything... i dont even know how to explain my joy playing this game... it rules.

-----the ONLY reason final fantasy X-2 isnt on here is because i havent played it yet. i would tell you why but its a long story, and i dont want to get into it. i would have put in on here, but i feel that it would be dishonest to place a game i havent at least played 3 hours on. otherwise (knowing square) it would probably be tied for 1st with zelda.. and that says a lot.

honorable mentions
jak 2
ratchet and clank:going commando
beyond good and evil
fire emblem
viewtiful joe
rainbow six 3
star wars: jedi academy
tony hawk underground
downhill domination
cant think of anything else

WORST OF 2003 (or.. the bottom 5)
1. enter the matrix
fuck you for thinking this was a good idea... it plays AWFUL. just plain awful. its so frickin glitchy a turrets kid would hate it. seriously.. this game ticks like a clock.

2. p.n.0.3.
i really wanted to like this game... really... damn you capcom for doing this to me... the combat looked so good... the graphics looked sharp... everything about this game looked so sweat... and then it stunk... stunk so bad i only touch it i my store to move it... and i wear gloves. i pray they make a sequal becuase it deserves to be a good game.

3. manhunt
okay okay... it wasnt really THAT awful... but it gets so boring after 30 min.. it might as well be the worst game ever cause the only thing i didnt forget about this game is how not fun it was.

4. any wrestling game
seriously.. only meatheads, dumbfucks, and total idiots play these games. they are so
a.) homo- erotic it isnt even funny

5. tomb raider
i never liked laura croft, i never liked tomb raider, and the movies made me dislike angelina jolie. oh... and the game sucks too. youd think being the first ps2 tomb raider, eidos might try a little harder... nope... sorry. if eidos hadnt made soul reaver and timesplitters, id call them a useless company... they release more crap than thq, which says a lot cause thq makes all those afformentioned "wrastlin'" games.. and all the godawful nickelodeon games. NO SOUP FOR YOU EIDOS!
and that pretty much wraps it up.. i left out a few games, but im not staring at the walls in my game store, so its easy to forget a few...
id like to see what you all think.. so post some feedback.

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like word. [Dec. 11th, 2003|09:55 am]
Game Slave
New member, yay.

My shop.blizzard.com shtuff arrived today. Day of the Dragon, Lord of the Clans books, Prince Arthas undead action figure and WC3 Human Alliance t-shirt. I am in bliss.
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(no subject) [Dec. 8th, 2003|12:01 am]
Game Slave

God Damn you Eidos for makin me unpack my Xbox.
Deus Ex Invisible War is fucking sweet.

Come on, I can throw a Basketball, Coffee Pots, etc at random people. Thats comedy.
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