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Long time, no post [Aug. 6th, 2004|08:01 am]
Game Slave


[BGM |Solitary Experiments - Dark Inside Me]

So it's been a while. I lost my job with Gamestop a while back, and have been kinda out of touch with the game world for a while. Well, now I'm back in the game industry, which means I'm back in the posting all the time.

Today... I wish to discuss

So I get the game I've been waiting 2 years for, and don't even READ THE DAMN SYS REQUIREMENTS. I get home, show the box to my computer, and I swear my computer started laughing at me. It was all "User bitch, no". My lap.top, however, was all "yeaaah baby...bring she to me.... install her on me.... you know my new 64 bit processor will rock it out." So I did... and the lap.top delivers.

I really was not ready for what I was about to experience. I'm a huge FPS fan, I was really expecting your run-of-the-mill, ultra-violent shooter. Instead what I got was:
1. The most beautiful looking ever. Oh my god the graphics are utterly amazing. This is actually the same thing I had originally said about Deus Ex 2, but I retract that last comment and give the award to Doom 3. Who ever designed this engine needs to win a goddamn medal. The dynamic lighting is spot-on, the textures are pefect, not a jaggie or pixle in sight.
2. The creepiest gameplay experience I have ever come across. The enemies are downright scary as well. All the old enemies are back with a total makeover, and man are they horrific. The ambush the hell out of you too. I think the greatest encounter I had went down like this: I walked into what used to be a nurses office. My vision flashes red, strange laughter and then all goes black. All I can see now is random LED lights from the various medical instruments. Two of these lights blink out for a second, and seem to be moving. I whip out my flashlight and HOLY JESUS SHIT IT'S A FUCKING DEMON RUNNING TOWARDS ME.
3. The Game is dark. REALLY FUCKING DARK. At first a buddy and I thought it was poor gamma levels, but we find out it's meant to be. This really adds to the intensity of the game. With your vision severely impared by faulty lighting and pools of darkness, you are forced to use your flaslight as your only help. This really adds a Silent Hill feel to the game, as you never know what the hell your flashlight will reveal as you turn the corner.
4. Intresting mechanics. Most of your key/password/clue finding is done through your PDA, which is kinda cool. When ever you pick up someone elses PDA, you download their files into your own, which you then have to listen to/read to gain info. The voice acting on these pda recordings are top-notch and these help to prove how totally realized the world of Doom 3 really is. the computer interfaces are brilliant too. Approaching random consoles will allow you to interact with them on some level. Most other games would take you to an alternate screen to mess with the computer stuff, or just have a generic image, and clicking it would change the image to another colour and you'd just have to assume you did something. Not in Doom 3; fully animated computer screens in game with lots of options. Since it's all in-game this again adds another element of realism. You could be dicking around on the computer and not see the demon crawling across the floor the leap on your head until it's too late.
5. Old-school game play. In this, I mean there are no super powers your character can do. He cant jump high, he cant move super fast, he has no preternatural powers. He's just a guy. Your weapons don't have any fancy alt-fire or over the top muzzle flare, just straight forward "it shoots, what more do you fucking need?" weaponry. The levels are simple (though not boring) and easy to navigate. I really felt that I was playing an old school shooter a-la Doom/Doom 2/Serious Sam/Wolfenstein.

Over all.... this game is WELL worth it. Fans of survival horror and fps with both go ape-shit.
-Darclight signing off